Mike Speenberg - Live

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Wed, Nov 20, 2019
Thu, Nov 21, 2019
Fri, Nov 22, 2019
Sat, Nov 23, 2019
Sun, Nov 24, 2019

Mike Speenberg - Live

with Cody Cooper

Mike Speenberg has been a professional touring Stand-up comedian for 20 years. He's performed on 5 different continents, entertained everyone from Hall of Fame Athletes to US Diplomats, shared the stage with everyone from Robin Williams to Bill Burr, and been featured on everything from CNN to the AMERICAN FORCES RADIO NETWORK. His live show has been called a perfect blend of Jeff Foxworthy and Dennis Leary. Creative Loafing Magazine once called him "The Cynical Voice of a Generation".

Cody Cooper

A quick glance at Cody Cooper will almost immediately trigger recognition. Here’s a guy you
would be sitting next to at a sports bar nursing a stout, walking a large dog at the park wearing a
local kickball team shirt, or complaining about the wait in front of you at Chipotle. However, once
Cody sets his sights on entertaining you, familiarity gives way to hilarity until you only remember
the funny man willing to do anything for a laugh.

Cody Cooper has all the Midwestern warmth and charm balanced with an egoless lunacy where
he’ll do anything for a laugh. Cody’s willing to be the grossest guy in the room if it gets a giggle,
not a cringe. You would assume such a gregarious character would be a victim of arrested
development, but Cody has eased into his role as a stepfather. Fans follow his transition to
fatherhood online because he’s less of a disciplinarian and more of the fool, teaching through
humor as only he can.

Having opened for Josh Wolf, Louie Anderson, and Frank Caliendo, Cody fits in any part of the
show, bringing a jolt of energy and laughter to any crowd and any demographic. You not only
get a funny man with Cody Cooper, you get someone who audiences want to meet, greet and
befriend. His story is easily relatable and fits into any lineup. Don’t miss your chance to give
your show the spice it’s been missing.